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Moving with Your Beloved Pets!

Moving can be stressful on humans, so imagine how your pets handle the chaos of moving boxes, missing furniture and movers they don’t know. To make the transition to a new home safe and stress free for your pets, here’s some hints from the Berg-Solu Team of Re/Max Alliance Group.

Choose the right home for your entire family.
Before selecting your new home, make sure the neighborhood is pet friendly. Stroll the block and talk to other pet owners, and be on the lookout for aggressive neighborhood dogs.

Looking at square footage, all cats crave vertical space that allows them to climb, while dog’s needs are specific to their size, age and temperament. Avoid a home with a lot of stairs, or no yard if your dog needs to go outside more often. Breeds that need exercise will be happier in a larger home, with easy access to the outdoors and a fenced in yard to run and play.

Packing up your home
Most pets resist change. To ease the process, bring in moving boxes early, and keep your pets in a closed bath or laundry room that doesn’t require packing. If possible, send Fido to the groomers or have Kitty stay at a friend’s on moving day. No one wants your pet darting out the door while the moving truck is being loaded.

Planning your actual trip
If moving involves extended hours in the car or plane, prepare your pet by acclimating them to their crate well ahead of time. First, by feeding them in an open crate until they willingly eat their meals in the crate with the door shut. Take short drives while they’re crated, providing treats and extra love when you let them out. Once they learn crate time is extra special time, their anxiety will cease and they’ll actually enjoy having their own private, safe place.

Settling in to your new home
Upon arrival at your new home, introduce pets to one room where their favorite toys, treats, water/food bowls, and litter box are waiting. Gradually introduce them to other rooms in the house. Once your familiar furniture is in place, they should relax. And, please, take your dogs on frequent walks in your new neighborhood so they learn where your house is. This helps runa- way pets find their way back to your new home, not looking for the one you just left.

Need help buying or selling a home where there’s a family pet? Call Jill Berg-Solu or Mart Solu at (941) 954-5454, 2000 Webber Street, Sarasota, FL 34239


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