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Reptile Zoonoses and the Threat to YOU:

Your pet reptile may carry a number of fungal, bacterial, protozoal or parasitic diseases that can cause disease in people, especially children and, the elderly. The most common zoonosis is salmonellosis. Although the rate of infection is quite high, reptiles usually do not show signs of disease from salmonella infection. When passed along, the most common sign in humans is diarrhea.

Here are some steps to prevent the disease:
1 Wash your hands with hot soapy water after handling your reptile.
2 Disinfect cages and accessories with bleach 1:10 water.
3 Reptiles should not be housed in the kitchen or other food areas.
4 Keep reptiles away from water sources (tub, pond, pool).
5 Do not eat or drink while handling your reptile.
6 Do not kiss your reptile.
7 Reptiles should have their own pool.
8 Have your reptile checked regularly by a veterinarian.
9 Do not keep venomous reptiles as pets.
10 Water and fecal materials should be drained in the toilet.

Presented Compliments of: Dr. M.A. Heinen, Gandy Animal Hospital, (813) 839-1285


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