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Why Do You Need Dog Training?

When people purchase a new puppy or an adult dog to become a new member of their family, they do not realize that this is an animal that is going to need love, care and communication set up in its life to be a good companion for everyone.

The life span of a normal healthy dog can run anywhere from ten years to as long as seventeen years depending on the breed of dog. What new dog owners need to know, is that most puppies and even some adult dogs that have had no training in their life, can give you unconditional love, but also can give you years of frustration and on going expenses. During the first six months of a dog’s life, he can develop behavior problems that can last a lifetime if left uncorrected. Dogs are creatures of habit, they can either continue their bad habits or be taught good habits.

We have been training dogs for thirty years, and we have found that a trained dog is a much happier dog. We like to start dogs in training as early as ten weeks of age. We like to start puppies at this age so that we can set up a good foundation in teaching the dog to respect its environment from the beginning stages of its life. Obedience training enables you to set up control, instills attentiveness and communication with your dog through verbal commands taught in a training program. This also teaches a dog to understand what is right and what is wrong. All dogs want to please, its simply showing them the right direction. We prefer training a dog in its home and neighborhood. This is where your dog eats, sleeps and plays and is the most logical place to train the dog. By training a dog this way, we can handle all types of behavior problems from their origin.

We are also able to work directly with the family in teaching proper techniques in dog training and management. Always remember, its never too late to have a well-mannered pet......

Mari Jo White, Owner, All American Dog Training Academy, Inc., (813)685-6666 (727)446-2386.


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