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Training In Florida

We are lucky to live in a climate where we can train our dogs outside all year. South Florida weather never gets too cold for our dogs to want to go outside with us and chase a Frisbee or take a jog around the neighborhood. Our weather does however, get too hot for us to safely play with our dogs.

A good rule-of-thumb to use in the summer months is to look at the temperature and humidity readings during the time you want to work your dog. If the temperature and humidity added together is 150 - you need to be very careful. Those breeds that are prone to breathing problems should not exercise at 150 (bulldogs, pugs, any dog with a mushed-in nose). Couch-potato dogs that rarely do anything should also not exercise outside at 150. Overweight dogs, as in people, do not have the endurance that an athletic dog does, and can quickly suffer heat stroke. When the sum of the temperature and humidity equals 180 (90 degrees/ 90% humidity) only dogs that are conditioned to work in heat should be doing so, and then only for short periods of time with plenty of fresh cool (not cold) water and shade available for breaks. Some dogs are so driven that they will not stop even when they should. You have to be the judge and stop them. Please be cautious, many dogs die from over-heating every summer. It is a tragedy that can be avoided.

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