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To Choke or Not to Choke

At Dog Gone Positive Training & Day Care LLC we don’t use choke chains, pinch collars or shock collars in our training classes. I used them in the past and found inflicting pain upon dogs was not the way to go. There had to be a better way. There is a better way. I have been using head collars for the past 4 years. What’s a head collar Well, it is very similar to a halter on a horse. Just as one needs a halter to control and steer a horse one can use the same type of tool for a dog. It’s just like a power steering system for your dog.

The benefits are: no more pulling, getting control over jumping, and having power steering over your dog. How many of you try to walk your dog and the dog takes you for a walk instead? Well, with the Gentle Leader Head collar, you can now be in total control of your dog. This control comes without the pain of choker collars, pinch collars and shock collars! Fitted properly, you and your dog will enjoy walks a lot more. I can tell you that it also comes in handy when you are of small stature or have physical limitations. Especially when you own a large breed dog. Even children can walk the dog. Seniors can walk their pets without a struggle!

So there is no need to use choke chains, pinch collars or shock collars anymore! Use a kinder more humane way of walking your pet with a head collar! For more information about head collars give us a call @ 727-548-8300 or stop in to our shop! We are located at 7620 66th St. N, Pinellas Park in the Park/66 Plaza! We’d be happy to size up your dog and have you walk your dog instead of the other way around!


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