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Our Unique Alliance With Dogs

There are many things to love about dogs, but perhaps the most compelling endearment is the fact that the domestic dog is the only animal to form a true alliance with man. Yes, I know we have relationships with other animals; cats, birds, horses and so on, but it’s the direct descendent of the Gray Wolf who started following cavemen around thousands of years ago. And through some amazingly beautiful act of fate, we have developed a truly symbiotic relationship with the dog as we know him today. - Many of us believe that dogs are on the planet specifically for us. To be our faithful, loving companions. And what do we have to do to honor this alliance? Simply give them what they need, starting with a commitment. Dogs, more than anything, need exercise and leadership. Of course they need our protection, food, shelter, care and love too. In turn, they give us their very lives. Dogs have integrated into our society and fused with humankind to serve us and protect us, providing a marvelous, unique fellowship, and no matter how old you are, there is no getting around how a dog can enrich your life and open your heart.

And even though dog behavior and psychology is not rocket science, it is another language, so it’s important for us to do the footwork to learn that language and about his unique psychology, so we can become the best leaders we can for our beloved canine allies.

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