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Give Your Little Wolf the Right Messages

Whether you have a brand new puppy or an older dog, it’s important to remember he’s about 99.9% wolf. In other words, he is literally a few chromosomes away from actually being a wolf, and this heritage will be reflected in his daily behavior. For one thing, he understands a hierarchy, and in his world, you will either be a leader or a follower. To him, the leader is quite simply, the one who makes the rules and boundaries. In the absence of appropriate rules and boundaries, he gets the wrong idea about his place in the pack. (Which obviously is supposed to be at the bottom.)
Some of the basic rules you should enforce from the very beginning (or start enforcing now), are: No jumping, no pawing, no leaning on you, no stepping on your foot, no hopping into your lap without permission and no teeth on a human...ever. In Max’s head whoever goes out the door first is the leader as well. These are all “messages” we give our dog about who’s who in the pack.
But the most profound message we give him, comes from the leash, and walking correctly on it, because your little wolf also understands, whoever leads on the leash is the leader too. Show me a dog walking casually, on a slack leash at his master’s side, not pulling or insisting on stopping every minute to sniff, and I will show you a relationship that behind closed doors, probably has no issues. And isn’t this the relationship we all want with our dog?
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