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A Jumper Can Be Rehabbed

Jumping on people is one of the most prevalent dog problems. Your dog will learn to not jump on others by first learning not to jump on you. This is more easily learned early on, before it becomes an ingrained behavior, but even an older dog can learn this basic rule.

It’s really the principle of the thing, because no higher ranking dog would ever let a subordinate put their paws on him. Since you are supposed to be the highest ranking dog in your pack, allowing Max to jump on you communicates the wrong message about your pack hierarchy.

Keep him from jumping on you at all costs. Anticipate and stop him each and every time. Raise your shin, use your hand or bring your knee up quickly to block him. For a big dog, you can catch his paws and hold them momentarily, as you pull him toward you, then release. - Allow your dog to choose correctly. If he chooses to jump, halt him and say “No!”. If you have to do it twenty times, so be it. (He’ll get the message, ultimately.) - But as soon as you get a pause, as soon as he chooses correctly, in that very instant, you must praise him. No big fanfare, just a simple “good boy” will suffice - And that’s the most important piece. The praising part.

Patience is always our best tool working with our dog. Max will learn the proper protocol if you patiently stick to your guns.

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