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The Companion Animal Bond, A Spiritual Relationship

All life has a purpose on both the outer, physical plane and the inner, spiritual one. When mankind created the companion animal, the inner self acknowledged the need for a deeper, more tangible relationship with the animal kingdom other than just as a source of food and clothing, based on our need for perfect love. The kind of love that judges not. The kind of love that accepts us whether we’re in a good mood or a bad one, regardless of what we look like or how smart we are, whether we’re rich or poor, sick or well. The kind of love that comes to us and without words, lets us know it’s there for us.

This love is pure energy. As we look around us at nature, we come to realize that this energy must continually flow in cycles in order to maintain balance and harmony. When any of these energy cycles are broken or disrupted, an imbalance is created in the form of dis-ease , dis-harmony, and dis-function on every level of the universe, from storms in the atmosphere to the inner storms of mental and physical disease.

The tremendous healing power of love has always existed, but only recently has the scientific community acknowledged the benefits of the companion animal bond. Research has discovered that pet owners live longer than non-pet owners, and that just holding an animal causes the blood pressure to go down. Psychologists and psychiatrists now routinely prescribe pets for relief of many emotional problems in children and adults. Pet Therapy programs are active throughout the world with visitation in nursing homes and hospitals often bringing miraculous results.

Every day we lose our vital life energy into coping (or not coping) with our daily stresses, our past traumas, our expectations, and our worries for the future. As our bodies feel the ‘drain’ of these emotional energy leaks, we seek to replenish these energies from the outside in by loving and feeling loved and accepted by our companion animals. But what effect does it have on the animal?

With over forty years working, observing and studying energetics and the companion animal bond from both the human side and the animals’, I have come to realize that many of the physical and behavioral problems exhibited by companion animals are a consequence of human stress, and ultimately can only be permanently alleviated by healing the human spirit.

One of the exercises that I recommend to help your friend help you, is this: At the end of each day, take your companion with you to a quiet place in your home or anywhere that you feel comfortable and relaxed, and sit peacefully together. Breathing slowly and deeply, allow your eyes to close, and feeling the soft warmth of your friend’s love (aided by his 101 degree body temperature), allow the stresses and hassles of today, and the pains of all of the days of your life that still haunt you, to pass through your minds eye. If you feel emotions well up inside you, allow yourself to express them openly. Emotions are a gift of the being within you. Allowing yourself to express your emotions without attaching yourself to them will enable you to release them and let them go; bringing your energy back into present time, and back into balance. When you have done this, feel the love of your companion and for your companion flowing in a perfect cycle, like an energy wheel, through you both in both directions. You may get lost in this divine love as long as you wish. Enjoy, and In Joy, may you express the healing power of pure love. ~

Rev. Susan R. Griffin is founder and co-owner of Naturals for Animals in St. Petersburg where she and her associates practice a truly holistic approach to pet care, body, mind, and spirit. She is also available for personal counseling for those seeking to heal, evolve, and express their true spirit. Please call: 727-327-2356.


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