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To Clip or Not to Clip

There are a zillion and 1 opinions about clipping the flight feathers of your bird(s) and we are not here to say any of them are wrong or right. However, we’d like to offer a story or two, our opinion and maybe a little advice. We have been in business 10 years and have clipped many birds’ wings. Along the way I have met individuals who are strongly against taking away the flight of their feathered companion. In fact there are some benefits to allow the birds to fly, ie; they are more confident, they are less likely to fall and hurt themselves, easier to potty train, and most of all simply because it looks to nice to seem them soar. So, if these are good enough reasons to leave your bird flighted then by all means we support you.

Now the flip side, I have countless stories of the lady cooking and her bird flying to be with her and lands in the pot of boiling water… or the door that was left open and birdie flew out to a tree top and was too scared to come down, so a hawk had lunch (Florida has a lot of hawks!). This does not include all the sliding glass door and ceiling fan accidents.

Though I see both points having validity, I have my own reasons for providing this service. If I keep your bird groomed regularly, your bird gets more interaction with his family! Nails are always kept dull and short so that he/she is comfortable for everyone to hold. If the wings are trimmed then birdie is better behaved with everyone in the house and can be let out of its cage to play. If we put contingencies on who can interact with our feathered companions then are we really socializing our birds well?

Provided by Lynda Sanchez,

Everything Birds, 180 N. Racetrack Rd.,
Oldsmar, FL, 813-294-4300


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