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Annual Avian Exams

It is still a largely perceived misconception that birds do not need to be examined yearly by an avian veterinarian. Even though most birds may not receive a slew of annual vaccines like dogs and cats, there are still many reasons why pet birds should be examined annually by a veterinarian that has dedicated a major portion of his or her practice to avian medicine. Having a complete physical exam performed on your pet bird along with routine laboratory testing ensures that you will likely catch a medical problem early.

Most birds in the wild environment are subject to many factors such as infectious diseases, flock aggression and predation. Just like most other animals in the wild, it is imperative that they appear healthy and difficult to apprehend. Additionally, flock or group animals will often oust a sick individual from the security of the group for fear that a debilitated member might attract negative attention from a predator. Unlike some other pets, birds are notorious for instinctively appearing healthy to their owners despite being very ill. Most bird owners that present their sick avian pet to the veterinarian will state that the bird has been acting completely normal and had not given any indications that it might have been ill the day prior. Often after an ill bird is medically evaluated it will become apparent that the pet in question has been ill for a longer period of time than initially suspected. Annual preventative health screening is crucial for the health of your avian pet.

Finally, it is very important that you seek out a veterinarian that is well suited to evaluate the species that you have decided to own and care for. Ask your local bird store, bird clubs or bird breeder which veterinarian they recommend. The veterinarian that you choose to help you manage the care of your avian pet should spend a considerable amount of time educating themselves in the field of avian medicine.

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