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A New Way To “Rescue” Animals

DIRECTLY in the Home they already have !

Established in 2009 Raffle Rescue began their Pet Food Drives to help people with pets who were struggling to feed their animal family members. Founder Lisa Bekiaris read an article in a local Florida newspaper in 2008 titled: Fido and Fifi Join the Bread Lines. The economy was in turmoil, with people losing their jobs and homes, so next to go was their pets. Surrendering their pets is one of hardest decisions people should not have to make, not here in the U.S. anyway. Sadly, many people have to make the decision to surrender their long time pets to an over crowded shelter (as Lisa calls them, “jails”). They don’t deserve to be there, and that’s where Raffle Rescue steps in. Providing pet food and more - just the basics to help keep your animal family members healthy and happy - but most importantly, Raffle Rescue keeps pets at home where they belong. We are STOPPING the surrender process, we are keeping these little lives out of those jails!

Our program is so unique it’s never been done in pet rescue before. We will help any animal in need that is your legal animal family member, not just dogs and cats.

Our name is based on what we do - “RAFFLE” is our main funding source, as we receive no government grants or support. So we developed a raffle fundraising called “Take a CHANCE to give Animals a CHANCE for Life”. Our “RESCUE” goes directly in the home.

To continue our mission to help our animal friends, we rely on our fellow humans support to help us help them. Kind donations in the form of new products for our raffle program, monetary, cars, boats, truck and bequests as well as volunteering are always in need. To learn more about Raffle Rescue, Inc. visit or call at 727-697-7034


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